A little about us

VegeFresh is a newly established Cooperative registered in April 2010, as an initiative of 12 members all vegetables producers from the village of Kuklis. The goal of forming the VegeFresh cooperative, is to overcome the problems of fragmented production which is unplanned and unorganized.  read more

Vegetables Wholesalers and Vegetables industry

VegeFresh as a cooperative, is oriented firstly in selling our products.

We can offer you the following:

  • Competitive price
  • high quality.
  • planned vegetables production with previously set standards,
  • tomatoes wholesale,
  • cucumbers wholesale,
  • cabbage wholesale,
  • early peppers wholesale,
  • red peppers wholesale,

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Farming materials and equipment, Vegetables packing and storing companies

As a newly established cooperative, we are all about modernizing our vegetables production.

For that reason, we are open for cooperation with:

  • Producers of farming materials,
  • Producers of farming equipment
  • Producers of Vegetables packing
  • Producers of Vegetables storing